Nick Deardorff, USW Utility Group Project Manager
Operator:  Dan Luke
2255 Norwood Ave.
Office: (515) 462-3764

The wastewater treatment plant is an Iowa Grade II, two-stage trickling filter (bio tower) plant, including pretreatment, primary clarification, solids contact tank, final clarification, UV disinfection, and two-stage aerobic digestion. The WWTF utilizes bio-towers, which are of the same design as conventional trickling filters except that the media in the towers is much deeper. This gives us a greater capacity for treating the wastes. Our job is to remove several different sources of pollutants the state requires and prevent it from entering the Middle River. We are consistently able to remove 90 to 95% of those pollutants, which is far in excess of the 85% we are required to remove by the State of Iowa.

Another part of our responsibility is to take care of the collection system. This is the network of over 40 miles of sewer lines buried under our streets that convey the wastewater to the treatment facility. To do this we have 6 lift stations. The lift stations help transport the wastewater to the treatment facility.

The WWTF is now under contract with USW Utility Group for the operations and maintenance of the facility. USW Utility Group is a leading provider of water and wastewater services. Our company partners with governments, communities, businesses, and organizations all over the United States, delivering the most advanced clean water and wastewater treatment solutions. For more information feel free to visit our website at

The city is moving forward on its continuing effort to prevent excess water from entering the sewer system by lining sewers and checking resident’s homes for sump pumps hooked up to their sewage drains which is illegal. Currently the construction is underway for a new North lift station to handle the continued growth of the city.

Wastewater Treatment is important, not just for the City of Winterset, but also for the protection of the environment and beyond. We invite you to learn more about our role in the community.