Water Utility Information

The Winterset Municipal Utilities provides water to 5,196 people and 342 commercial and industrial customers in Madison County. The source for this water is Cedar Lake, a surface water impoundment, located just northeast of Winterset. This supply has been in continuous use since 1938 and has been the only supply for our customers since 1995 when a new $3.8 million dollar treatment plant was built to meet new water quality standards.

In 2009, Reverse Osmosis treatment was added to the water plant to remove nitrates. In 2014, Cedar Lake was dredged, effectively doubling the capacity of the lake and the spillway replacement was started, to be completed in 2015. The water treatment plant currently operates at about 30% of total capacity and could be easily expanded in the future if necessary. The annual water production is around 220 million gallons with the ability to produce substantially more at any time.