Weekly Report 6/25/2022 thru 07/01/2022

This information was obtained from the Winterset Police Department records.  All defendants are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  For more information or for dispositions on these charges check: www.iowacourts.state.ia.us


Theft, 1000 blk N. John Wayne Dr

Welfare check, 300 blk S. 2nd St

Talk to officer, 1000 N John Wayne Dr

Domestic, 800 blk E Court

Trespassing, 1200 blk N 4th Ave

Found property, 1000 blk E. Court

Extra patrol, 1000 N. 8th Ave

Lost property, 300 blk S. 7th Ave

Accident, 300 blk E. North St

Welfare check, 300 blk E. Filmore St


Suspicious person/activity, 3700 blk Lakeside Ln

Suspicious person/activity, 1400 blk E Court

Animal complaint, 400 blk E. Court

Alarm, 800 blk N 9th Ave

911 wrong number, 3700 blk Lakeside Ln

Vehicle unlock, 400 blk E. Hwy 92

Hit and run, 100 blk E. Jefferson St


Parking complaint, 500 blk N. John Wayne Dr

Alarm, 200 blk E Hwy 92

Parking complaint, 800 blk N. 10th St

Assistance, 3500 blk Lakeview Ln

911 abandoned, 400 blk N 10th st

Welfare check, 600 blk E. Green St

Welfare check, 200 blk S 10th st

Information, 200 blk s. 10th St

Accident, 100 blk E Jefferson St

Suspicious person/activity, 300 blk N 7th St

Animal complaint, 900 blk S. 8th Ave

Alarm, 3300 blk Cedar Bridge Rd


Welfare check, 500 blk W. South St

Alarm, 400 blk W. Mills St

Found property, 200 blk S. 10th st

Fraud/scam, 1300 blk W. Court

Civil dispute, 400 blk E. Filmore St

Sign down, 1000 blk N John Wayne Dr

Vehicle unlock, 1500 blk W Mills St

Suspicious person/activity, 1000 blk N John Wayne Dr

Animal complaint, 600 blk N John Wayne dr


Lost property, 800 blk E. North St

Talk to officer, 400 blk W. Mills St

Talk to officer, 1000 blk John Wayne Dr

Warrant, 100 blk N. John wayne Dr

Suspicious person/Activity, 500 blk W. Benton

Transport, 300 blk W. Hutchings St

Information, 500 blk N. John Wayne Dr


Suspicious person/activity, 600 blk W. Husky dr

Talk to officer, 800 blk E. Benton St

Animal complaint, 1200 blk E Hwy 92

Violate NCO, 600 blk S. John Wayne Dr

Vehicle unlock, 400 blk e. Hwy 92

Alarm, 600 blk S 3rd st

Criminal mischief, 700 blk E. Lane St

Information, 700 blk E. Hwy 92


Suspicious person/activity, 900 blk S. 7th ave

Accident, 300 blk W. Summit

Hit and run, 00 blk E. Court

Vehicle unlock, 300 blk S. 6th Ave

Fraud/scam, 400 blk W. Mills St

Vehicle unlock, 100 blk W. Buchanan St

Vehicle unlock, 900 blk W. Jefferson St

Fireworks complaint, 1400 blk E Court

Parking complaint, 3600 blk Lakeview Ln

Talk to officer, 400 blk E. Court