City Park Shelters

Reservations for Shelters may be made on-line, by phone (515-462-3258) or in person. Online reservations are pending until WPR approval, at which time your payment will be processed. Shelters can be reserved for a specific amount of time, in 2 hour blocks. Reservations are accepted up to 1-year in advance. Additional reservation fee of $50 will be applied for Weddings and large groups in addition do daily rate. Refunds are allowed if cancellation is made at least 30 days prior to use. A cancellation fee of $10 applies.

City Park North Shelter

  • $35 for 2 hours
  • $50 for 4 hours
  • $65 for 6 hours
  • $105 for all day

This large, 65 x 40 ft. open area has all the amenities including restrooms, 20 picnic tables, electrical outlets, fireplace, and charcoal grill. A timer switch automatically turns lights On/Off for evening use.

City Park South Shelter

  • Open AND Enclosed $35 (2 hours), $50 (4 hours), $65 (6 hours), $105 (all day)
  • Open OR Enclosed $25 (2 hours), $35 (4 hours), $50 (6 hours, $80 (all day)

Facilities include:
1) An enclosed portion, 18 x 28 ft., with boarded windows that can be opened, fireplace with wood, electrical outlets and five round picnic tables
2) An open portion, 30 x 30 ft., with 9 picnic tables, 4 fireplaces, and electrical outlets

A charcoal grill is also available. Restrooms are not attached, but located close by. A timer switch turns the lights On/Off for evening use.

City Park Arbor Shelter

  • $25 (2 hours)
  • $35 (4 hours)
  • $45 (6 hours)
  • $80 (all day)

This 1920’s structure overlooks the hedge maze and covered bridge.  Facility includes 4 picnic tables in shelter, electric outlets, 4 more tables and large grill on both the North and South patio.

People & Dogs in Our Parks & Public Spaces

The Parks and Recreation Department is committed to providing a safe and quality park system for the Winterset Community. Park rules exist to assure our many park visitors have a pleasant experience. Two specific park rules that need to be remembered when taking a dog to a City Park or any public places in our community are: Dogs are to be leashed at all times; and Pet owners shall pick up and properly dispose of their pet’s waste. Appreciation and thanks are extended to responsible pet owners who, along with their pets, respect other park users and the park system. Dog owners are asked to bring a paper cup or bag to pick up waste. Thank You!

Tobacco-Free Park Policy

To promote a healthier park experience, Tobacco use is prohibited by park visitors and park employees on all park grounds and facilities managed by the WPRD with the exception of City Park Campground.  This includes:  City Park, Winterset Aquatic Center / Tennis Courts Area, Martin Marietta Softball and Soccer Complexes, Giffin Fields, Memory Lane, Carver Park, Winterset Skate Park and Dog Park. This policy extends to any youth or adult activity and includes park shelter houses.  For this policy, tobacco use is defined as smoking, chewing, dipping, dissolvable, vaping, and lighting or any other use of tobacco-like products. As a reminder signs are posted at park locations. Thank you for your cooperation.