Message from the Mayor

Mayor James Olson

Winterset is a vibrant and growing community. Our population is approaching 6,000, up from the 5,200 in 2010, and we are anticipating unprecedented growth the next few years. With this growth will come new businesses, industry and residents. All this will bring many more tourists to the attractions we already have — John Wayne Museum/Birthplace, the bridges, the Madison County Historical Complex, the Iowa Quilt Museum and the downtown courthouse square, which as been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The city, in conjunction with the downtown building owners, will start a facade project that will only enhance an already beautiful setting. Winterset has been placed on the Scenic By-Way for the State of Iowa. With this growth and influx of tourists, there will be changes and growing pains. I want to assure you that the Winterset City Council and Winterset City Staff, Winterset Municipal Utilities Board of Trustees and WMU Staff, Madison County Economic Development Staff, and myself are working very hard to make this growth and transition as painless and unproblematic as possible. I thank the citizens of Winterset for taking the sunset off the LOST (local option sales tax). This will enable the City to increase recreational opportunities for our residents such as the new ice skating rink and the continued work on the bike trail throughout Winterset and to Cedar Lake.

Looking forward:Expansion of the Winterset Airport

  • Expansion of the Winterset Airport
  • Protecting the Cedar Lake Watershed and the use of Cedar Lake for recreational opportunities

Winterset is a community of volunteers. Much that has and will be done to improve our community comes from the efforts of citizens who seek no recognition or reward, just a great feeling the they left Winterset a better place than they found it.

— James C. Olson, Mayor of Winterset, April 2018