City Council & Administration

Council Meetings

Council meetings are usually held on the first and third Monday of each month unless it falls on a holiday. Meetings are typically held at 7:00 pm at City Hall, 124 W Court Avenue.

These dates and times are subject to change. Please check the agendas posted at City Council Meeting Agendas ahead of the meeting to verify the dates and times in advance.

City Council Meeting Agendas

City Council Meeting Minutes

Council Members and Term Expirations

City Administrator

Kelley Brown is the City Administrator, (515-462-1422)

Code Enforcement Officer

Justin Bane is the Code Enforcement Officer, (515-462-1422). The job responsibilities of this position include enforcement of City ordinances, regulating property maintenance, which includes nuisance abatement, off-street parking, sidewalk maintenance, and safety regulations. Winterset is a great community that many take pride in; both in visiting and residing. A clean and respectable appearance bring more families and more visitors to our community which boosts our economic growth. This position helps to maintain and improve the quality of life that many desire when deciding to take residence here. The Code Enforcement office is located on the second level at the City Hall, and visitors are welcome.

Account Clerks

Cindy Bush,
Julie Worrall,


James Olson is the Mayor for Winterset. The Mayor’s position is a two-year term that is voted on by the public. Mayor Olson can be reached at 515-468-0086, or