Cedar Lake Community Trail Project

The City of Winterset in partnership with the National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance program (RTCA) are continuing efforts to develop a community wide trail plan. Many hours have already been spent by an enthusiastic group of volunteers in the planning process. On-the-ground studies and conversations with community members continue to be performed. Brian Leaders of the NPS, has been working with the City in coordinating the trail effort, since late 2013. The trail plan will provide the City a comprehensive map of on-street shared bike routes, pedestrian paths utilizing city sidewalks and a new multi-use trail that will connect the City with the Cedar Lake area. These trails will provide area residents and visitors access to the great outdoors, opportunities for better health and living, low-cost recreation, alternative transportation, and provide better access to the Cedar Lake area. Look for a “trails planning open house” to be held in the month of May to review planning efforts thus far and encourage community input. Trail plans include the relocation of the Jurgensen Bridge from east of Patterson to across the new Cedar Lake Spillway. YOU can help the trails initiative by getting involved in the planning process and supporting fundraising activities. Last year three events were held to support trails. A Quilt Raffle (Marianne Fons & Cycle Club), Jerry Triplett Memorial 4 & 8K Walk/Run (Triplett Family) and Kickin It Up For Health 5K Run/ Walk (Mad. Co. Hospital) were all very successful. The In-town Trails Project received a $6,500 grant from the Greater Mad. Co. Community Foundation.

Support trails by attending community planning meetings, donating to the Cedar Lake Community Trails, and by volunteering your services. Watch for many exciting announcements as trails are developed in our community.