Cedar Lake Community Trail Project

Progress continues to be made on a community trail to Cedar Lake. Thank you for your patience as sometimes these projects don’t move along as quickly as we like. The City continues working with engineers, acquiring the necessary property and funding. Below is an update on the three phases of the Cedar Lake Community Trail.

Phase I– Six miles of shared lane (sharrows) symbols have been painted and repainted and signage installed along City streets.  Use the routes, for added safety, to get to certain places in town or a quick convenient ride for good exercise. Events are scheduled each year to promote bike riding and the shared lanes in town. See map of shared lane routes in this guide

Phase II– The 1911 historic Jurgensen Bridge, once over the North River 9 miles east of Winterset was re-located to Cedar Lake and now rests on new piers and abutments over the spillway. Work was completed in 2019 to re-purpose the bridge with new decking, railing, lighting, landscaping and plaza area. Local, State and Federal grants funded 65% of the total cost. Bridge is expected to be a major ‘attraction’ along the proposed trail. 

Phase III– Cedar Lake Community Trail- The goal remains for a trail from Town to Cedar Lake.  One marketing opportunity is a trail connecting Cutler-Donahue Covered Bridge (City Park) to Cedar Covered Bridge (Cedar Bridge Park). Another potential route is Middle River to Cedar Lake.  This trail will tie in very nicely with our other area attractions. The City has already acquired 60% of land for this trail. Discussions with landowners continue. The City of Winterset is very grateful to landowners for their considerations of the trail project and any other previous City sponsored projects. We anticipate the first trail development in 2020-21 to connect the Jurgensen Bridge to the south side of Cedar Lake.